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From the very first days to 6 months postpartum and beyond

Post-Pregnancy Program Restore Recover Rebuild for Tablet and Phones



Feeling disconnected from your body and core after giving birth to your child?

This 6-week RESTORE program will help you reconnect with your body, pelvic floor, and core for a stronger, healthier you. This is the first and essential step in your post-pregnancy recovery.

Post-Pregnancy Program Restore (wide)
  • Discover the amazing changes your body went through during pregnancy, so you can fully understand what’s different now and why!
  • Bust through the myths about diastasis, pelvic floor training, and pelvic organ prolapse, and discover the truth about what really works!
  • Take control of your recovery by learning how to self-assess your core, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor!
  • Fuel yourself and your baby with the right nutrients when breastfeeding, and discover the best foods to support your postpartum journey!
  • Start your post-birth fitness routine right with the appropriate and effective workouts! Suitable for C-section moms too!
  • And so much more! Get ready to take charge of your postpartum recovery like a boss!



You can feel your core now, but getting control over it is quite a challenge?

This 8-week RECOVER program is here to help you recover the strength and functionality of your pelvic floor and core muscles, a crucial part of your post-pregnancy recovery journey. 

Post-Pregnancy Program Recover (wide)
  • Take your postpartum recovery to the next level, building on the knowledge you gained in RESTORE!
  • Learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor to lay a strong foundation and prepare yourself to safely return to your favorite activities in the future.
  • Discover safe exercises to do even if you have diastasis, umbilical hernia, or prolapse, so you can work out without worry!
  • Flatten and lift your belly with the specially designed, pelvic floor and diastasis-safe workouts!
  • Keep your family and yourself fueled with various quick and simple meal ideas that are both delicious and nutritious!
  • And so much more! Join other moms on this amazing journey towards a stronger, healthier, and happier you!



You completed the main post-pregnancy core recovery and now what?

This 8-week REBUILD program is designed to help you transition to regular workouts or activities that you love or used to do before pregnancy. Let us help you rebuild your strength and achieve your fitness goals!

Post-Pregnancy Program Rebuild (wide)
  • Strengthen your core and get ready for any activity you love with our program!
  • Get back into running and learn how to do it safely with the expert guidance!
  • Transition to more challenging full-body workouts with confidence, even if you have diastasis, umbilical hernia, or prolapse!
  • Achieve the body you want with our pelvic floor and diastasis-safe full-body workouts that will have you feeling strong and confident!
  • Get quick and easy meal ideas that are both delicious and nutritious, perfect for your whole family!
  • Establish healthy habits that will help you achieve the physique you’ve always wanted!
  • And so much more! Join the program and take the next step towards your fitness goals!
postpartum core

Educational Videos

Pelvic Floor, Core, Diastasis & More

postpartum nutrition

Meal Ideas & Recipes

Incl. Vegetarian, Vegan, And Breastfeeding Considerations

postpartum workouts for new moms


Designed Specifically For Post-Pregnancy Period

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Follow Along Workouts & Simple Nutrition

Post-pregnancy can be overwhelming, which is why our program is packed with easy-to-follow educational content, especially in the first part, RESTORE. From what your body goes through to how you can achieve your desired physique after having your baby.

Additionally, this program includes follow-along workouts, simple and delicious recipes, and nutrition tips that will nourish your body and help you feel your best.

Let us guide you every step of the way on your post-pregnancy journey!

Stay Motivated with Interactive Tracking & Connect to Other Moms

achieve your goals
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Start today and get the care and support you deserve!




– 6 Weeks RESTORE Program (valued at $180)

– 8 Weeks RECOVER Program (valued at $240)

– 8 Weeks REBUILD Program (valued at $240)

Total value of the program: $660

230+ Short Educational Lessons Every New  Mom Should Know

110+ Safe For Post-Pregnancy Workouts

BONUS: Tips And Considerations For After C-section

BONUS: Meal Ideas and Simple Recipes

BONUS: Shopping List For Breastfeeding Moms

BONUS: Return to Running Guidelines

BONUS: Guided Self-Checks For Diastasis and Core Strength

BONUS: Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

and more


Work with Elena one-on-one to get your post-pregnancy recovery plan fully customized to your unique situation and schedule.

This includes:

-Training sessions customized to your needs and your pace of recovery

– Nutritional guidance with simple meal ideas and recipes

– Weekly live coaching

and more.

“I always got great tips and answers to all of my questions. The fact that Elena is a mom, too, played an important role!! You can feel she understands and supports you, and I received many helpful tips for me as a mom.”

client D avatar

A mom who started working with me at 2 moths postpartum

How the workouts are built and the increase in their intensity is ideal. Also, I was very well advised by Elena on nutrition, stress, and time management. She could always motivate me to the maximum with her fresh way and kind words!!

client S avatar

A mom who started working with me at 4 years postpartum

“I can’t believe I reached my pre-pregnancy weight without weighing food or spending hours in the gym! I felt like a failure because I never had time to work out, but turns out even a few minutes can make a huge difference! So blessed I found Elena!”

client F avatar

A mom of two kids who started working with me after having her second child

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