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I am Elena Biedert, an award-winning pre- and postnatal coach with my book and various magazine articles published worldwide. I’m a mom who had an unplanned C-section and was left with a body I couldn’t recognize. Despite having years of experience in the fitness industry, support from a midwife, and my healthcare provider, my core still felt so soft and hollow, I couldn’t do any regular exercises or activities as I used to. All the advice I got was either contradictory or ended up with the phrase, “Well, you are a mom now. That’s normal.” But I refused to accept that and got educated on postpartum recovery.

And after realizing how many moms feel lost, confused, and disconnected from their bodies after pregnancy, I’ve founded Mama Fitness Coaching. With my signature post-pregnancy program “Restore. Recover. Rebuild.”, I cover everything you need to know about postpartum recovery, from the very first weeks to six months postpartum and beyond. This is the kind of program and support I wish I had back then. The program is built in three steps, following the natural three phases of your healing process post-birth.

Being a mother can be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life, but it also comes with challenges and pressures. And as first-time moms, we’re often thrown into this role without any idea of what to expect.

You may start feeling like a stranger to yourself. Your identity as an individual has been replaced by the label of “mom,” which can be pretty isolating and disorienting.

However, there are ways for you as a mother to thrive rather than just survive. You need to put yourself as a priority, find your deep core values, care about your body and allow yourself to blossom into the woman you were meant to be.

I will help you restore your core, fix your diastasis recti, and rebuild your strength so that you can achieve any fitness aspirations and goals!

My Goal is to Guide You

My goal is to help all mamas out there. Everyone is different, everyone’s body and journey are different, everyone has her own struggles.

But I’m a mom too and I understand how it is to be a busy mom. I also know how harsh a pregnancy can be on your body. And I’m not only talking about the looks, I’m also talking about how your body functions as a system. And the truth is, that often after a pregnancy you have to learn how to reconnect with your body, how to recover it properly, so that you get in full control of it again and just feel well. As you will feel better and better about yourself, it will benefit not only you, but your children and your family too.

I want YOU to be a healthy, strong, confident and happy mama.  Let’s do it together!

HOW?  With my signature post-pregnancy program “Restore. Recover. Rebuild.” or VIP Coaching.

Make a Change!

  • Feeling disconnected from your body and core after giving birth to your child?

  • No energy to keep up with your little one?

  • You can feel your core now, but getting control over it is quite a challenge?

  • You completed the main post-pregnancy core recovery and now what?



– 6 Weeks RESTORE Program

– 8 Weeks RECOVER Program

– 8 Weeks REBUILD Program

230+ Short Educational Lessons Every New  Mom Should Know

110+ Safe For Post-Pregnancy Workouts

BONUS: Tips And Considerations For After C-section

BONUS: Meal Ideas and Simple Recipes

BONUS: Shopping List For Breastfeeding Moms

BONUS: Return to Running Guidelines

BONUS: Guided Self-Checks For Diastasis and Core Strength

BONUS: Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

and more


Work with Elena one-on-one to get your post-pregnancy recovery plan fully customized to your unique situation and schedule.

This includes:

-Training sessions customized to your needs and your pace of recovery

– Nutritional guidance with simple meal ideas and recipes

– Weekly live coaching

and more.

If you have any further questions, just write me in the chat that you can find in the right corner of your screen or contact me via the contact form below.

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