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What is Mama Fitness Coaching?

With online One-on-One Coaching and Ready-to-Start Programs, Mama Fitness Coaching provides all the tools needed and support for women in every stage of their life.

Mama Fitness Coaching is for you, if you:

  • Are tired of training programs and diets that don’t get you the results you wish.
  • Want to improve your physical fitness, stay healthy and fit in the long-term, lose fat, or build the body of your dreams.
  • Are a new mom and want to recover postpartum.
  • Are going to be a mom soon ( … or maybe one day).
  • Don’t know where and how to start.
  • Want to have an accountability partner and get the support you deserve.
  • Have a busy schedule and want to follow a plan that fits your life.
  • Want to feel good in your skin.
  • Exercise regularly, but you want to bring your performance to a new level.

The mission of Mama Fitness Coaching is to show you a healthy and scientifically proven way on how to achieve your goals. We don’t aim for shortcuts. Instead, we want you to get results that last.

See what we offer:

Custom Training Programs

Nutrition Coaching

Mindset and Habits Coaching

Support 24/7

Our Own Mobile App

Money Back Guarantee

About Our Mobile App

Individual and Ready-to-Go programs are offered through our mobileaApp. See how you can use it:

app overview
  • Access your training plans and track workouts right from your smartphone.
  • Watch exercise demos at any time.
  • Manage and track your nutrition intake as prescribed by your coach.
  • Set health and fitness goals.
  • Message me in real-time.
  • Send me a picture or video to check your form.
  • Track body measurements and your progress.
  • Get push notification reminders for scheduled workouts and activities.
  • Connect to wearable devices to sync body stats instantly (HealthKit/Apple Watch, Fitbit, Withings).

Here Are Just a Few of the Clients Who Worked with Mama Fitness Coaching.

Read about their experience.

Started at 2 months postpartum


I always got answers to all my questions and great tips. The fact that Elena is a mom too played an important role!! You can feel she understands and supports you, and I received many important tips for me as a mom as well.

I liked that my training program was customized fully for my needs and wishes, that I could train at home when I had time and if some exercises were too difficult for me, they were swapped for alternatives.

Client Transformation Before and After in Back View

Posture improvement only in 2 weeks


Great format of the coaching! I liked EVERYTHING, but especially how friendly Elena is and that she was always available for all my questions.

Choose How Much Customization You Want

*For annual package

**For 3 or 6 months program

How to Start Working on Your Goals Together with Mama Fitness Coaching

1. Decide how much customization you want

Option 1: Do you want to work with me one-on-one and need an individual approach with weekly check-ins on your progress?

Then apply for my online one-on-one All-Inclusive coaching first.

Once you have filled out the application for All-Inclusive coaching, I will get back to you as soon as possible through the email address you provided in the application form. Keep an eye on your inbox, and check your spam folder to be sure. If you haven’t heard from me for a week, please contact me at

Option 2: Do you want to start working with me towards your goals right now, but want to do it at your own pace and don’t need or want weekly check-ins?

Then choose a ready-to-go program that suits your goal best.

2. Purchase a coaching package or a program

In the shop, choose a program you want to follow and the duration of the program.

Add the program to your cart. You will be automatically forwarded to your cart, where you can proceed to checkout. During this step, you will also be able to apply a coupon code if you have one.

Proceed to checkout: After entering the billing details*, you can choose between credit card or PayPal as payment options.

Note: If you have successfully applied for one-on-one coaching, the shop link of the chosen option will be sent to you via email.

3. Check your inbox

After purchasing a program, you will receive an email with further instructions to follow. Please check your emails, as well as the spam order.

4. Create an account with your login and password to access the coaching app

You will find the link and instructions on how to create an account in the email you’ll receive. Check your spam order if you didn’t get the email in your inbox. Save the login and password as you will need it to log in to the coaching app to use the purchased services.

5. Download the app

If you have an Android phone, then download the “Mama Fitness Coaching” app from the Google Play store. Or, if you have an iPhone, download the “Trainerize” app from the App Store. You will find the download links in the purchase confirmation email.

7. Start your fitness journey!

You are all set and ready to start your journey to achieve your goals!

*Make sure you read our Terms and Conditions, your Right of Recission, and our Privacy Policy.

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