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What is Mama Fitness Coaching?

“Mama Fitness Coaching” was created to support 25-40 year old mom who wants to build a body even leaner and stronger than before pregnancy so that she can look good and feel strong enough to keep up with your kids, without sacrificing her family time, and has up to 1 hour a few times a week to invest in her health and wellbeing.

Training Program That Fits YOUR Life And Schedule

Simple Nutrition With Foods YOU Like and Easy to Cook Meals

A Convenient Mobile App so That You Always Have Access to Your Program and The Support You need

Habits Development For Life And Not Only While We Are Working Together

Ongoing Support And Contact, Because You Deserve Nothing Less

Money-Back Guarantee: If You Don't Like It, No Problem

Why is my mission to support other moms?

Photo of Elena Biedert

To answer it in short, because I didn’t have the support I needed back then, after the birth of my son, and it was one of the most difficult times in my life. I don’t want You or any other mom to feel the same way.

That’s why “Mama Fitness Coaching” exists.

My name is Elena Biedert, and I am a mom. My goal is to support other mamas to build a body even leaner and stronger than before pregnancy so that they can look good and feel strong enough to keep up with their kids without sacrificing their family time.

My Birth Story

When I gave birth to my son in 2017, nothing went as planned. After 12 hours of labor pain, I was told that I needed a C-section. While C-section itself went great, a few hours after that, I’ve suddenly become unconscious. Turns out, I hemorrhaged really badly internally, losing almost all my blood.

After two blood transfusions and about a week in a hospital, I was ready to go home. But here I was, a new mom with an unplanned C-section, a screaming newborn baby, and so weak that I could barely stay upright for more than a couple of minutes.

Elena Biedert birth story holding the baby first day

At home with the baby. What now?

Elena Biedert first week at home with the baby

Fortunately, I had a lot of help from my husband, but besides that? I went to regular visits to my gynecologist, and I received regular visits from my midwife, who gave me general tips that were helpful in the beginning. However, I didn’t feel it was enough.

I heard that pelvic floor training after a child’s birth is important, yet no one explained to me what and how to do it. Everyone was also highly cautious with me because of my complicated birth story. I was careful too, and I didn’t want to do anything wrong, so I trusted my midwife. I asked her about postpartum recovery courses, but she told me it would not be the right time to do it.

I couldn’t train, I had to rest a lot, and I had excruciating back pain. Now I also have to mention that I used to train for years before my pregnancy and wasn’t new to training. Weight training was my only remedy against back pain. However, I didn’t know what I was allowed to do and what not at that moment, and no one helped me with that.

More often than not, it came off to me like: “You are a mom now, what do you want? It’s ok now to not feel great, be tired, miserable, or be in pain.”

I didn’t feel that I was taken seriously with my struggles, and I felt alone

And you know what? That feeling sucks. And the more moms I was talking to, the more I realized how common this feeling is among new moms. Just compare how many check-ups a newborn baby has versus how many the mom has after such a physically demanding event or literally a major abdomen surgery. That’s just unbelievable, but that is the reality.

Add to it a body that feels so unfamiliar and soft, extra pounds gained during pregnancy, or just not enough time, motivation, or energy to do something for yourself. That’s a lot!

Elena Biedert at two months postpartum

But I knew that there was a better way, not only for myself, for other mamas too

Elena Biedert now, with lean and strong body postpartum

I started educating myself on all kinds of topics regarding training and nutrition after having a baby. Not only have I lost all the weight gained during pregnancy, but I have also become stronger and confident than ever before. And I wanted so much to support other mamas during such a challenging time.

That’s why I got certified as a fitness trainer, nutritionist, postpartum training, and recovery specialist and launched “Mama Fitness Coaching”. Since then, I published my first book in German, worked with pelvic floor therapists from all over the world, and am now published internationally in print and digital magazines.

All that so that I can reach as many women as I can, women like you, who want to feel their best, look great, and have energy.

You don’t have to be alone on this journey!

Now, as a certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, and postpartum recovery specialist, as well as an internationally published writer on fitness and nutrition, and an athlete, I can help you to reach your goals with the support you deserve. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Are you between 25 and 40 years old, and you want to properly recover after your child’s birth?
  • Do you want to build a body even better and leaner than before pregnancy so that you can look and feel your best and have enough energy to keep up with your kids without sacrificing your family time?
  • Are you able to invest up to 1 hour a few times a week into your health and wellbeing?

Are you also:

  • tired of training programs and diets that don’t get you the results you wish?
  • tired of not having enough support?
  • not sure how to start?
  • already fit, but you want to bring your performance to a new level?

Then apply for my coaching by clicking on the button below, and let me give you precisely what you need.

You deserve nothing less.

What other mamas say

Here are just a few of many mamas who worked with Mama Fitness Coaching. 

Read about their experience.

That strong mama Started at 2 months postpartum and lost 6 inches after 12 weeks while training at home only 

“I always got answers to all my questions and great tips. The fact that Elena is a mom too played an important role!! You can feel she understands and supports you, and I received many important tips for me as a mom as well.

I liked that my training program was customized fully for my needs and wishes, that I could train at home when I had time and if some exercises were too difficult for me, they were swapped for alternatives.”

Client Transformation Before and After in Back View

That amazing mama could improve her posture already after 2 weeks using resistance bands only

“Great format of the coaching! I liked EVERYTHING, but especially how friendly Elena is and that she was always available for all my questions.”

You can start building your dream body now

And here is what happens when you click on that button below to apply for coaching

1. You apply for coaching

Complete the application form, and I’ll contact you back within 24 hours.

2. Schedule a free call and we can decide whether we are a good fit

After my response to your application, if you decide that’s something you want to do or have any further questions, feel free to schedule a 20-minutes call with me. The call is absolutely free and is held in Zoom. You will find a scheduling link in my response email – just choose a time slot that is convenient for you.

3. If we are, complete your payment

If we both decide to work with each other, all you need to do is set up your payment. You will get the link sent to you in a follow-up email after our call, depending on what coaching package you decide to choose. Just click the link, and you will be taken to a secure server to complete your payment, which will be billed monthly. There is no risk because if you don’t like my coaching, you can cancel any time by messaging me and won’t be billed again.

More on that in our Terms & Conditions and Rescission Policy. 

4. Install custom Mama Fitness Coaching app on your smartphone

After your successful payment setup, you will get an automated email with the link to „Mama Fitness Coaching“ app and instructions on installing the app and creating your personal login and password.

You can read more about the app here.

5. Creation of your unique program starts

Once you have finished the setup, the most exciting part begins, creating your program! You will get your first guide and all you need to successfully start your journey to your goal. We will discuss in detail what you like and what you don’t like, your wishes and expectations so that I can create the best program for you.

6. Weekly Check-ins

To monitor your progress, we will have weekly check-ins. That way, I can ensure we will get the desired results and that your program is optimal for you and your life.

7. Ongoing support and contact

Your health and fitness are my priority, and I want to offer you the best support on this journey. I’m always there for you for any questions, struggles, or even if you just want to talk. You can contact me by email within the „Mama Fitness Coaching“ app’s chat, and you can even schedule a weekly video call at the time that fits you and you choose.

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