Book cover of fit and fabulous by Elena Biedert

Fit & Fabulous

12 Weeks to a Healthy, Confident, Happy You

  • Get sustainable results by changing your diet with simple instructions for every goal
  • Get numerous everyday tips to make it even easier for you
  • Interesting facts about fitness and nutrition
  • Learn how you can easily assess and control your own progress
  • You’ll also get a recommendation on what to do after you finish the 12-week program so you can continue making progress
  • And all of this with over 100 exercises with videos and detailed instructions for each exercise!

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You can accomplish anything, all you need is the right tools.


About Author

Elena Biedert

Elena Biedert is an award-winning pre- and postnatal coach, certified fitness and nutrition coach, NLP Master Practitioner, internationally published author and model and a former bikini athlete. Driven by her son’s traumatic birth with an unexpected c-section that almost took her life, Elena founded “Mama Fitness Coaching“ to support other mothers.

With a holistic approach, Elena focuses on helping new mothers recover and reach their fitness goals post-pregnancy, so that they can feel confident and strong without sacrificing time with their loved ones.

Her story and expertise have received global recognition, with features in magazines such as Train for Her, Best Holistic Life, Icon Refined, Personal Fitness Professional, Fitness Magazine, and more. She splits her time between Germany and the United States.

Elena Biedert, pre- and postnatal coach, standing, wearing a neon pink one shoulder crop top and leggings, with open long dark hair