You are one step closer to your post-pregnancy recovery!

Your next steps

STEP 1: Check Your Email

Within the next few minutes*, you will receive an email with your personal setup link so that you can create your account in the Mama Fitness Coaching app to access your program.

If you don’t receive your email within an hour, feel free to email me at and I’ll take care of you.

*Email delivery times vary depending on your provider. If you have Gmail, check “Promotions” folder and drag email from or into the “Primary” folder. You will be asked if you want to do this for all future messages. Click “Yes”.
email notification to set up your account

STEP 2: Follow the instructions from the email to create your account in the Mama Fitness Coaching app

You will be asked to create a login with your email and a password. With this login, you will be able to access your app anytime from anywhere on your phone or your tablet. You will also be asked to set up basic things like your weight and height, for example.

Post-Pregnancy Program Restore Recover Rebuild for Tablet and Phones

STEP 3: Download and install the app

After you download the app, log in with your email and password you created in STEP 2, and get immediate access to your post-pregnancy program! See you there!!

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