5 Minutes Coaching With Elena

Hi there! Welcome to my monthly five minutes coaching session!

In only five minutes you will learn how to eliminate the stigma of a “mom bod” by positively changing your mindset.

Especially as a new mom, it’s easy to get trapped in this mentality yourself. When you are in a body that you suddenly don’t recognize, and everything around you says that you should look and feel different by now, no wonder you might think that something is wrong with you or whether this is your new reality. But let me tell you one thing – you CAN have the best body you ever had and feel great in it!

free guide as a pdf seven steps from a mom bod to the best bod you ever had
free guide as a pdf seven steps from a mom bod to the best bod you ever had step 1

If you are tired of daily struggles by being uncomfortable in your own body and you are ready to take action now,

Download my step-by-step FREE guide, “7 Steps To Transform Your Mom Bod To The Best Bod You Had”.

In this guide, you will get seven actionable steps that work and which you can apply right now. Seven steps that will help you to shift your mindset, and bring you closer to your goals.

Ready for more? Apply for 1:1 postpartum coaching with Elena

Elena Biedert is an internationally recognized expert and author. After the challenging birth of her son, Elena founded “Mama Fitness Coaching” with the primary mission of supporting other expecting and new moms so that they can look good and feel strong enough to keep up with their kids without sacrificing family time.

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Training Program

That fits YOUR life and schedule and is optimized for the postpartum period

Simple Nutrition

With foods YOU like, simple recipes, a sample meal plan, and a list of the safe foods if you breastfeed

A Convenient mobile app

So that you can always have access to your program, your coach, and the support you need

Holistic Approach

We approach every area of your life and focus on developing habits you can sustain even without working with me anymore


Ongoing support and contact

You get ongoing support and contact to me because you deserve nothing less

Money-back guarantee

The minimal commitment is only four weeks. If you decide not to work with me anymore for any reason, no problem

Client Transformation Before and After in Side View


“I always got answers to all my questions and great tips. The fact that Elena is a mom too played an important role!! You can feel she understands and supports you, and I received many important tips for me as a mom as well.

I liked that my training program was customized fully for my needs and wishes, that I could train at home when I had time and if some exercises were too difficult for me, they were swapped for alternatives.”

client transformation before and after


Start: on the left at 1200 kcal/day. End: on the right at more than 1800 kcal/ day

Despite eating about 500 kcal more each day, she lost 6.5 pounds.

Swantje started working with me with the goal to improve her sports performance. However, after the first assessment, I saw how extremely low her food intake was with only about 1200 kcal/day. She felt fatigued, quite often lightheaded and was trying to lose some weight.

At that moment, she also followed a keto diet for some health reasons, which as we later discovered, the keto diet has no influence on.

As the first step, I wanted to bring Swantje back to a healthy calorie intake. And after a couple of weeks, after she felt the energy from carbs 😜 she also decided to switch from the keto to a balanced diet with my help, which we successfully did. 

We gradually increased calorie intake. As the result, not only her performance but also her body composition have improved dramatically!

Client Transformation Before and After in Back View


“Great format of the coaching! I liked EVERYTHING, but especially how friendly Elena is and that she was always available for all my questions.”

client transformation before and after

A mom with a toddler, stressful days, training at home only, who ate the foods she liked and didn’t count the calories.

The results? After 12 weeks of following a program from my book, Ewelina lost 9 inches (23 cm) off her waist and 2.5 inches (6 cm) off hips, and just about 3 lbs (1.3 kg) of body weight.

my own transformation before pregnancy and postpartum


“I went from a skinny fat girl who never did any sports until her 20s to a strong girl. Then I got pregnant in 2017, couldn’t work out,t and gained 45 lbs.

I had an unplanned C-section, lost almost all my blood, but at 2 months postpartum, I decided to find myself again!

Since then, I have become a coach, bikini athlete, and internationally published author and model, and helped other women to have the body they want! 

Let me be your postpartum coach, your guide, and support

Have you ever felt lost after having your baby? Not sure about what is best for your baby and yourself?

Do you want to feel like yourself again and look as good as You want and not as “just a mom”?

Do you feel you don’t have time or energy to do anything but need the energy to be present for your kids?

Do the buzzwords like diastasis recti, pelvic floor, Kegels, core doming, urinary and bowel leakage, and pelvic organ prolapse confuse you, or worse, make you fear any physical activity?

Not sure what you should eat when breastfeeding?

No more!

With my one-on-one virtual coaching, you will learn everything about your new body and its needs. You will be able to recover your core, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and learn how to fix diastasis recti.

You will be able to address the common postpartum struggles, like leaking some urine when sneezing or laughing, pelvic pain or painful sex, or low back and neck pain.

One-on-one coaching means that we will leverage your unique situation and lifestyle to get you the desired results, no matter how much time or energy you can invest right now.

After working with me, you will feel confident in your own body and understand what nutrients you and your baby need.

But most importantly, you will get an appropriate postpartum recovery and ensure your safe return to the activities you like. You deserve nothing less!

Your individual coaching will be delivered through my own mobile app to ensure your privacy and give you all the tools you need in one place

Your training and nutrition program, all the educational content, and access to delicious and simple recipes are all in one place.

Visually track your progress, and habits and set new goals.

Access all your workouts, meals, and recipes, and chat with me anytime and anywhere.

Available for iOS and Android.

custom meals, sample meal plan and simple recipes
custom meals, sample meal plan and simple recipes


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