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Elena Biedert

Mama Fitness Coaching is proud to offer you an individualized online coaching experience

Online coaching is the most effective and affordable way for me to offer you my services. Instead of having somebody in the gym count sets and reps for you, consider me your fitness concierge. You can work out from everywhere, also from the comfort of your home, and you can contact and ask me questions any time.

No more paying extra expenses on an hourly based rate, traveling, stress with scheduling appointments and child care!   

Because we’re working together remotely, I don’t have any restrictions and can give you precisely what you need and when you need it. You deserve nothing less.

Who is the All-Inclusive Coaching for?

If you are a 25-40 year old mom who wants to build a body even leaner and stronger than before pregnancy so that you can look good and feel strong enough to keep up with your kids, without sacrificing your family time, and has up to 1 hour a few times a week to invest in your health and wellbeing, then this coaching is exactly for you.

How does Coaching work?

Once you start, I will give you instructions on downloading my free training “Mama Fitness Coaching” app on either iPhone or Android. Everything that we do is contained within this software. Your customized programming, notes, and video demonstrations will show up in your app when it’s time for you to train, including reminders and tips. Your weekly check-ins and scheduled video calls will also be held within this app.

Speaking of the check-ins… What is it actually?

Every week, I monitor your progress and see what works best for you. Everyone is unique, and it’s important to program accordingly. All workouts and everything about nutrition are built for YOU and YOUR lifestyle. Is a major life event coming up, or is your week going to be very stressful? No problem, I can adjust your program so that you can still accommodate your fitness goals with your life.

As you train, fill in your work within the app as you go. I can monitor your progress in real-time, but more importantly, your results will be automatically reported and charted for me. This makes it possible for me to adjust the program on the fly, ensuring no wasted workouts so that you get the most out of your training program.

You can also connect the app with your Apple Watch, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal food diary. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the setup, and it should only take 5-10 minutes total of your time.

I’m here for you when you need me, and you can trust that I have nothing but your health and fitness as my goals.

Coaching Step-by-Step

1. Apply for coaching

Complete the application form below, and I’ll contact you back within 24 hours.

2. Schedule a Free call

After my response to your application, if you decide that’s something you want to do or have any further questions, feel free to schedule a 20-minutes call with me. The call is absolutely free and is held in Zoom. You will find a scheduling link in my response email – just choose a time slot that is convenient for you.

3. Complete your payment

If we both decide to work with each other, all you need to do is set up your payment. You will get the link sent to you in a follow-up email after our call, depending on what coaching package you decide to choose. Just click the link, and you will be taken to a secure server to complete your payment, which will be billed monthly. There is no risk because if you don’t like my coaching, you can cancel any time by messaging me and won’t be billed again.

More on that in our Terms & Conditions and Rescission Policy. 

4. Install the app

After your successful payment setup, you will get an automated email with the link to „Mama Fitness Coaching“ app and instructions on installing the app and creating your personal login and password.

You can read more about the app here.

5. Creation Starts

Once you have finished the setup, the most exciting part begins, creating your program! You will get your first guide and all you need to successfully start your journey to your goal. We will discuss in detail what you like and what you don’t like, your wishes and expectations so that I can create the best program for you.

6. Weekly Check-ins

To monitor your progress, we will have weekly check-ins. That way, I can ensure we will get the desired results and that your program is optimal for you and your life.

7. Ongoing support and contact

Your health and fitness are my priority, and I want to offer you the best support on this journey. I’m always there for you for any questions, struggles, or even if you just want to talk. You can contact me by email within the „Mama Fitness Coaching“ app’s chat, and you can even schedule a weekly video call at the time that fits you and you choose.

Please Fill the Form Below if You Want To Apply for my Online All-Inclusive Coaching

All the information shared throughout this form is confidential and will be used by me only to provide you the best results. For more information please see our Data Protection Policy.

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